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FABRIC is now open with even more sites and features!

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    Avatar photoPaul Ruth

    Dear FABRIC Experimenters,

    We are pleased to announce the end of the maintenance period including Release 1.1 (Release Notes) of our software stack. FABRIC is available to you again with a number of improvements:

    1. We have a larger topology with the following 9 sites available for experiments:
      1. DALL, MAX, MICH NCSA, SALT, STAR, TACC, UTAH, WASH (we expect MASS site to be available shortly)
      2. There are 100G dedicated optical connections available between STAR-NCSA, STAR-MICH, STAR-WASH, and we expect additional 100G dedicated optical links to also be up shortly: SALT-UTAH, SALT-STAR and SALT-DALL
    2. We fully integrated bastion hosts into the experiment workflow, now logging in to your VMs has to be done through one of the bastion hosts: bastion-1.fabric-testbed.net or bastion-2.fabric-testbed.net
    3. Bastion SSH key and account management have been automated and fully integrated with the portal and bastion hosts.
    4. We added many significant enhancements and bug fixes to the Control Framework (see Release Notes for more details). These include
      1. The portal includes a graphical slice viewer that helps you display your slices created e.g. in Jupyter Notebooks
      2. Two brand new L3 network services – an IPv4 and IPv6, to which you can attach your VMs
      3. New FABlib user-facing library to help manage your experiment resources (coming soon!).
      4. New VM images for different flavors of operating systems.
      5. Updated Jupyter Hub notebooks that integrate new FABlib enhancements and help you learn how to use them.

    In May 2022 we expect additional 5 sites at GATech, GPN, FIU, Clemson and UCSD to come on-line – they have unfortunately been significantly delayed by our vendor due to well-publicized COVID-related logistical problems. We expect to be able to add these transparently without disruptions to ongoing experiments.

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    Avatar photoIlya Baldin

    Here is the updated topology you can expect to use. Pay attention to the key – connection types available between sites.

    – 100G L1 means there is a dedicated connection between sites capable of supporting 100Gbps only carrying FABRIC traffic

    – L2 means there is a shared connection between sites likely much less than 100G and subject to competing traffic from non-FABRIC sources.

    – Peering locations are shown however are not available to experimenters at this time.FABRIC Topology for Mar 2022

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