1. What is it for and where can I find id_rsa_fabric?

What is it for and where can I find id_rsa_fabric?

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    Ilija Vukotic

    It is expected by the Hello Fabric.

    Avatar photoPaul Ruth

    That is the path to your private bastion host key.  Think of the Jupyterhub environment as private VM/container in the cloud that has all the FABRIC API configuration setup for you.

    Each user has two key pairs. The first key pair is the one the is installed on the bastion host.  The other key pair is the one that is installed in the VMs.

    In the Hello, FABRIC notebook example the bastion_key_filename needs to point to the bastion private key. This is the private half of the key pair that we installed in your account on the bastion host. By default this private key is not in your Jupyter environment. You will need to copy that private key to Jupyter and set bastion_key_filename to the path to that private key.

    In the Hello, FABRIC notebook example the key pair that is used in your VMs are referenced with the vars ssh_key_file_priv and ssh_key_file_pub.  These keys are set to a default key pair that is automatically in your Jupyter environment.  You can use that key pair or create a new one, if you want.  If you want ssh to your VMs from outside of your  Jupyter environment you need to copy the private key to your laptop or other work station.

    Ilija Vukotic

    OK. I finally understood. Not because of this answer but because FengPing dropped by to help me.

    For others that might run into this issue here my explanation what happens:

    All operations except actually logging into your sliver node, don’t need any keys or actual username.

    Jupyter comes with .ssh/ directory with id_rsa and id_rsa.pub and these are recreated on restart. These are NOT the keys we users gave in order to get access but keys we are given to us by the system. You would have expected that these keys are available for you to download from the profile page. The way it is done now, even if you want to use a notebook from your laptop, you would still need to log into Fabric provided jupyter notebook just to download these two files.

    Opposite from what I expected bastion_key_filename = os.environ[‘HOME’] + “/.ssh/id_rsa_fabric” in the Hello Fabric, is actually the place where you uploaded your own private key.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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