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FABRIC Testbed Release 1.2

Release Date 05/28/2022

Major Changes

This is a major update to 1.1 capabilities. The enhancements include:

  • The portal includes a graphical slice builder that allows experimenters to graphically define their experiment slice topology. This is in addition to the already available graphical slice viewer.
  • Two brand new network capabilities:
    • Facility Ports – allow to attach FABRIC experiment slices to external facilities. The first facility to become available is Chameleon UC site, other sites (Chameleon TACC, CloudLab Utah) soon to follow.
    • Mirror Ports – allow experimenters to mirror traffic from the dataplane into their slice on demand.
  • Per-project authorization – starting with this release FABRIC software will enforce per-project permissions on what types of FABRIC features members of the project are allowed to use. A basic project allows to create small VMs with shared NICs and only within a single site. All other features – NVMe, SmartNICs, GPUs, larger VMs, advanced network services, specific Facility Ports must be explicitly allowed by requesting that FABRIC operators add authorization tags to the project.
  • Multiple enhancements for supporting experiment configuration – post-boot scripts, interface configuration.
  • Enhancements to FABlib to support new features in the Control Framework
  • Updated Jupyter Hub notebooks that integrate new enhancements and help you learn how to use them

Packages and Components

Control Framework

Control Framework Core Multiple bug fixes and usability improvements.
Orchestrator – Support for Facility Ports
– Support for Mirror Ports
– Support for post-boot scripts and interface configuration
Broker – Support for Facility Ports
– Support for Mirror Ports
Site Aggregate Manager – Support for post-boot scripts and interface configuration
Network Aggregate Manager – Support for Facility Ports
– Support for Mirror Ports

FIM (FABRIC Information Model) and User APIs

Basic resource descriptions Multiple fixes and enhancements to support Facility Ports, Mirror Ports, shared storage 
FABlib Ongoing development of FABlib covering the current capabilities of the Control Framework. 


Federated Identity Stability improvements
Storage N/A

Portal and System Services

Portal Graphical Slice Builder, multiple usability enhancements
Project Registry Bug fixes and usability improvements
User Information Service None
Credential Manager None

Future enhancements

We expect the following features or limitations to be addressed in upcoming releases (expected release and date indicated):

New features or known limitations Expected in release
Transformation of Project Registry and User Information Service into Core API Service, including associated Portal adaptations 1.3, Summer 2022
Independent portal-styled token management app for Credential Manager 1.3, Summer 2022
Ability to attach rotating storage volumes to VMs 1.3, Summer 2022
Ability to collect in-slice measurements 1.3, Summer 2022
FABlib ehnancements to support latest features Ongoing
Initial support for personal profiles, public project pages in the portal 1.3, Summer 2022
Experiment notebook sharing in the portal 1.3, Summer 2022
Advance reservation support 1.4, Fall 2022
Ability to modify slices after creation 1.4, Fall 2022
Ability to manage available compute images 1.4, Fall 2022
Support for FPGAs and P4-to-FPGA tool workflows TBD, Fall 2022
Support for Tofino P4 switches TBD, Fall 2022


Please see Forums for discussions of known bugs in this and other releases.

Updated on June 1, 2022

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