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Quick Start Guide

This article will walk you through enroll an account, joining a project, and launching your first experiment.

1. Sign up for FABRIC

Navigate to the FABRIC portal at https://portal.fabric-testbed.net/.

Make sure you accept the cookie policy. Skipping the cookie policy will prevent you from enrolling.

Click “Sign up” in the portal.

Then click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the browser window. This will take you to the FABRIC Sign Up workflow. Most likely your university or educational institution is a member of an InCommon and you already have a FABRIC account. This workflow will walk you through logging in with with your institutional ID.

Currently FABRIC requires that you use your institutional login to login to FABRIC using a system called CI Logon. At a later date we expect to be able to support logging in using a Google account under special circumstances and with additional manual review.

Click proceed to continue.

The next step is to authenticate using CILogon. This step requires logging in with your institutional ID and password.

Choose your institution from the drop down menu.

Login with your institutional ID and password.

After successfully logging in with CILogon you will be taken to the self-sign up workflow.

Click “Begin” to start the self signup workflow.

Choose your institution from the drop down again.

Confirm the correctness of your name and email address. Most likely you do not need to change anything here. Just click “submit”.

The system will send you an email asking for you to verify your email address. Click the link in your email.

Check your email and follow the instructions to confirm your email address.

Click the link in your email to confirm your email address.

At this point, the FABRIC admins have been notified of your request. You need to wait until a FABRIC admin approves your request.

FABRIC approval is performed manually by and administrator and may not happen immediately. Please be patient. We aim to approve sign up requests within one business day.

Once the admins have approved your enrollment you we receive another email.

FABRIC approval email. Now you can access FABRIC.

After receiving the FABRIC approval email you can access FABRIC. Please return to the FABRIC FABRIC portal and login.

Login to the FABRIC portal.

Login with your institutional ID and password.

Choose your institution from the drop down menu.

Login with your institutional ID and password.

If you see a “User Profile” link you have successfully logged in.

Successful login!

2. Join a Project

Now that your account is enrolled you can access the FABRIC portal but you cannot yet use the testbed. Before you can use the testbed you must join an active project. A project owner must add you to a project.

For now the only way to join a project is for the project owner to add you one of their existing projects. Please contact your professor or research lead to be added to your team’s project.

3. Start an Your First Experiment

The easiest way to create experiments on FABRIC is using JupyterHub. You can create your private JupyterHub environment by logging into the FABRIC portal and clicking Links->JupyterHub

The FABRIC JupyterHub uses your institutional ID and password to authenticate you as a FABRIC user.

Click “Sign in with CILogon.

Login with your institutional ID and password.

When you login for the first time, a private JuypyterHub environment will be built for you.

Wait for your private environment to build.

Your JupyterHub environment is a private container that includes a file system where you can store your FABRIC experiment notebooks. By default, FABRIC includes a set of example notebooks that demonstrate the use of the FABRIC Python API.

Open the jupyter-examples folder.

In the example folder there is a table of contents notebook labeled “start-here”.

Open the start-here notebook.

The “start-here” notebook includes links to several examples. For now, choose the “Hello, FABRIC” example notebook.

Open the Hello, FABRIC notebook.

When you open the “Hello, FABRIC” notebook you will see an example that uses the FABRIC Python API. In order to run the example and start your first slice you need to repeatedly click the Jupyter play button. Each click will run one cell of the notebook. Run all of the cells you will have executed your first FABRIC experiment.

Hit the play button to execute each step of the notebook.

Updated on June 8, 2022

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